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International HR Day: Shaping the New Future.

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By Imam-Malik Abdullahi Kaga (ACIHRM, CPM, PGD-HRM)

Today Monday, May 20,2024, marks International Human Resource Day, a celebration of the vital role HR professionals play in shaping the future of work. As a Certified Personnel Manager, I write to celebrate this special day in line with the theme: Shaping the New Future.

International HR Day was founded by the European Association for People Management – EAPM, and was first observed in 2019, with the aim of recognising the momentous contributions of HR professionals globally. Prior to this day, the then Jamaican Governor-General, Sir Patrick Allen, proposed the celebration in 2013, but was not successful in bringing to live the day. Until in 2018, the Jamaican government declared the day.

Since then, it has become an avenue for HR practitioners to come together, share best practices, and discuss the latest trends and challenges by organizing webinars, workshops, et al in the industry.

This year’s HR day is tagged with the theme: Shaping the New Future, and sub themes of: Championing Ethical Tech and AI Integration, Excellence in People Management, Continuous Investment in Skills and Education, Redefining the Future Workplace.

Championing Ethical Tech and AI Integration

The integration of technology and AI has revolutionized the way our department works. However, it also raises important ethical consideration. Despite the increasing reliance on technology and AIs, it’s very important that HR professionals champion ethical practices to ensure these technologies are used responsibly and for the betterment of organizations, companies, and the society at large.

This includes implementing AI systems that are transparent, unbiased, and protect employee data privacy.

Excellence in People Management

There is this adage by MSF “MSF is People” HR professionals play a crucial role in attracting, retaining, and developing top talent. At the heart of any successful organization is its people. This requires a deep understanding of the changing needs and expectations of employees.

By nurturing a culture of excellence in people management, HR can improve employee engagement and create a positive work environment. This involves adopting a holistic approach to talent management, spotting the diverse needs of a global labours, and providing opportunities for growth and development.

Continuous Investment in Skills and Education

The stride of technological change demands that employees continually update their skills to remain relevant. HR invest in education and training programs that arm workers with the skills needed to succeed in their roles.

This includes providing access to online learning platforms, workshops, and mentorship opportunities. For example, organisations like the MSF, have a department called learning and development, where staff’s KSA are developed. MSF also has a platform called a Tembo for its staff to learn and develop. By prioritizing continuous learning, HR can future-proof the workforce, initiative innovation, and stay ahead of the competitive world.

As we celebrate International HR Day, we urge all departments in every organization, be it humanitarian, government or profit based, to adapt the culture of continuous learning for professional growth and excellent work outcome.

Happy International HR Day to the “retention strategists”

Imam-Malik Abdullahi Kaga, is a member of Chartered Institute of Human Resources Management and a Certified Personnel Manager. He writes from Maiduguri and can be reached via imammalikabdullahikaga@gmail.com

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