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Children’s Day: Students task Tinubu on better education

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Some primary and secondary school students have urged President Bola Tinubu to pay more attention to education, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

The students told NAN on the sidelines of the Children’s Day celebration held at the National Museum of Unity in Ibadan on Monday that their education was paramount

A 12-year-old student, Folayemi Ogunro of Mercyland International Group of Schools, Jiboye, asked the Federal Government (FG) to provide adequate teaching equipment in a conducive environment.

Ogunro said that many schools lacked what they needed to make learning easy.

“Our teachers need training to be able to train us back so well.

“Also, the cost of living is very high; Daily, I hear my mother complaining about the amount she spends to purchase things.

“Too many roads are bad in Nigeria and, hereby, causing accidents; when we have good roads, the accidents will reduce,” she said.

Ogunro, however, appealed to the president to ensure no child was left uneducated.

“The president should do something to ensure that all kids go to school; they all should be enrolled in schools,” she said.

Praise Bamidele, a 12-year-old student at a private school in Ibadan called for the provision of school buses for students in public schools.

Bamidele expressed concern about the number of students walking long distances to get to school.

“After walking all the distance, they will get so tired, and I don’t think this is good. They will be too tired to assimilate all they are being taught,” she said.

She added that the president should ensure that only qualified persons were allowed to practise teaching in schools.

Meanwhile, nine-year-old Bright Fakunle of Dayspring International School complained about the increasing cost of items in the market, referring to her mother’s daily complaints of the hard times.

Adetumise Awoderu, a 14-year-old student of the King of Glory Supreme Success Academy, said with a good education system in the country, the number of people going overseas will reduce.

According to Awoderu, the nation needs a good working educational system.

“The education system needs to be looked into and a working system must be provided,” she said.

Emmanuel Oladija, a 14-year-old student of Favor in Christ Private College, called on the FG to provide all basic amenities for its citizens.

According to Oladija, when the amenities are freely provided, life will become easier for the citizens and government.

“We need good education, food, shelter and good healthcare. Jobs should be provided for graduates,” he said.

NAN reports that about 850 students were at the gathering. (NAN)

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