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Nigeria, Saudi Arabia partner to combat drugs trafficking

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By Rabiu Sani-Ali/Ismail Abdulaziz

The Nigerian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Yahaya Lawan, says Nigeria is collaborating with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to combat drugs trafficking.

In a virtual interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday, he said anti-drug security agencies have been engaging to check drugs trafficking between the two countries.

Lawal explained that a joint commission meeting in Abuja was held recently to discuss on formulation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on control of drugs trafficking.

“In October, there was a joint commission meeting in Abuja, and part of what was discussed, is the issue of MoU.

“An agreement of collaboration between our securities services particularly the drug trafficking agencies between our two countries.

“Drug trafficking is an international problem, it’s not only peculiar to Nigerians, there are other nationals who also try to traffic drugs into the kingdom.

“Certainly; the two agencies are collaborating to nip the menace in the bud,” he said.

According to Lawan, Saudi Arabian laws prescribe capital punishment for drugs trafficking, adding, “it is severe, and the punishment is death”.

The envoy said the Nigerian embassy was sensitising Nigerians right from the point of visa application to the point of entry on the Saudi Arabia Kingdom’s laws on drugs trafficking.

“Nigerians are sensitised that whoever attempts to do that, the punishment is severe”.

Lawan, therefore, advised Nigerian visitors and those residing in the Kingdom to respect the laws of the Kingdom and continue to be good ambassadors of Nigeria in the host country.(NAN)

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