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By Medina Baba

The night of the 21st of December 2022 was an unforgettable night for those who attended the soft launch of Falchi II Fragrances tagged Sip and Shop, the event was the berthing of a new fragrance line in Nigeria, it was held at Topp an upscale rooftop lounge in Abuja.

The host and creative designer of the Falchi II fragrance franchise Faridah Kama, described the fragrance as a declaration of passion, a fragrance that reinterprets classic fragrances, elevating scents and packing it to a higher level of intensity.

The venue of the soft launch hosted Abuja’s finest and the upwardly mobile class turned out for this event. From fashion designers, socialites, and newsmakers to corporate managers and social media influencers.

One of the particular niches of the Falchi II brand is that the brand caters for a variety of interests, fitting the saying that there is a perfume for every mood.

The brand comes in well-designed and exquisitely manufactured sealed packs -a testament to its enduring feature and standardization and quality control.

One of the signature scents of the brand is Mila, which comes in a well-moulded bottle with a rose gold cap and a reddish pack this fragrance contains several notes and basis, ranging from an exotic blend of sandalwood, Tiare flower, jasmine, vanilla, and the West African coconut oil giving it an ethnic blend to complete its tinge of aromatherapy. No doubt a fragrance that makes moments unforgettable. That’s why it is dubbed the aroma of elegance. Above all, it is noted for its silage, longevity, and daytime qualities.  

On the other hand, KAK literally smells of luxury, it is derived from the Latin words delicatus and amorous. It is an enthralling combination of various essentials into a delicate and alluring scent. Every single base depicts purpose.

The cool refreshing fragrance of citrus and the delicate and sweet scent of the flower of love the rose depicts a charming and tender vogue. The oud base exudes an intense, irresistible scent, coupled with a gentle touch of jasmine for uplifting the mood and a hint of aphrodisiac scent to boost sexual growth. Encompassed a relaxing and stress-relieving aroma from amber.

Ms. Kama says the night was the culmination of a long-held dream of aligning her passion for exquisite smells and her entrepreneurial offering that has resulted in the Falchi II fragrance line and its only the beginning. 

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