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Blasphemy: Kano may broadcast sentencing of Sheikh Abduljabbar live as followers kick

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The followers of Sheikh AbdulJabar Nasiru Kabara accused of alleged blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam have strongly cautioned the Kano State Government or any other persons against the live broadcast of his judgement on Thursday at the court.

Sheikh AbdulJabar’s followers known as the disciples of Sheikh Abduljabar Nasiru Kabara, raised concerns over the government‘s plans to broadcast live the final judgement of the suit filed against their leader, where he is accused of blasphemy against the prophet of Islam.

Speaking in Kano, the group, led by Ahmad Tijjani Sulaiman Koki, wondered why the state government is suddenly interested in broadcasting the judgment live when it has never done so during trial.

Koki feared that the move is part of a deliberate plot to shame the scholar with any means possible, adding that though the prosecution has announced that the court proceedings will be covered live from the onset, they decided to go against their own plan.

“Initially, they said they will allow for a live coverage of the legal proceedings but we never saw that happen,” he said.

“Why are they now suddenly interested in doing this?”

He added that if there was no live coverage before, there shouldn’t be any now that the trial is coming to an end.

The leader of the group, however, warned that justice is a prerequisite for peace, adding that without it, the government cannot guarantee peace.

According to Tijjani, ‘’We are many in number and with our PVC, we would use them judiciously next year at the general elections.”

Accusing the court of not allowing the accused cleric to properly defend himself against the charges labelled against him, he reminded the government that they have a huge number of followers and that the government may turn to them for support to win elections.

It could be recalled that Justice Ibrahim Sarki Yola of the upper Shari’a court in Kano has fixed Thursday December 15th, 2022 for judgement.

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