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Sudan crisis: Al-Yolawi commends FG for evacuating students

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An Abuja Based Islamic Cleric, Yahya Al-Yolawi, has commended the Federal Government for the evacuation and rescuing of Nigerian students trapped by the Sudan crisis.

Al-Yolawi made the commendation while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abuja on Monday.

” I will like to thank and appreciate efforts made by the Federal Government for the evacuation of our students and youths trapped in Sudan due to the ongoing war.

” However, more needs to be done as it appears some are still stranded and even those carried by buses are still to reach their destination, based on the clips being circulating by the the students themselves.”

Al-Yolawi noted that islam considered life- time of persons as great valuable resources, thus believers were encouraged to be conscious of their action and inaction in life.

” To achieve maximum benefit out of this life, one needs to recognise its importance and organise it wisely.

” If human beings do not waste or abuse life but rather perceive it as a blessing from Allah, they would have every chance and hope for success both in this life and in the hereafter.

” Islam teaches us that your life passes quickly and can never return; it is irreversible. It is also the most precious gift that mankind possesses and can be taken from us at any given moment.”

He urged the youth to utilise their energy for the sake of Allah by seeking knowledge, obtaining halal means of sustenance, and worshipping Allah through acts that he or she might not be able to do later in life.

” When people lose their youth, they find it harder to do certain deeds which were easier to do at a younger age. Youth, here, does not mean the concept of youth where youthfulness finishes after the age of 13 or 19.”

The cleric also advised Muslims to take advantage of their good health before they being overcome with illness or disability.

” What we often don’t realise is that our health is a blessing from Allah. When we are in good health, we take it for granted and don’t always appreciate what we have.

” It is only when we fall sick that we realise what a great blessing we had and how we lost it by not doing as much as we could have done.”

Al-Yolawi also enjoined wealthy muslims to take advantage of their wealth before poverty.

” One day we might have much more than we need, and the next day, we might not have anything.

“One day, a person might have the best of jobs or the best of businesses; yet, the next day, something happens and he does not have the job or the business, and loses all his sources of income.

” So the wise person uses his wealth before he loses it. He invests for his future,” the cleric said. (NAN)

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