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By Biddin Abubakar

The array of support enjoyed by various frontline politicians more especially when the trumpet of the electioneering campaigns has been blown up not all but some translated that to election victories while others never consider that a total sign of victory. 

Since the inception of democracy in Nigeria, elections especially of the two most highly influential offices of Presidential and Governorship, are always attracting special interests which are most times publicly displayed in form of endorsements. 

This matter isn’t different but rather surprising looking at the massive backing of Governor Prof. Babagana Zulum of Borno State which really become an enthralling feature in the 2023 general election with several publicity stunts by some groups and leaders of the communities who represent the interest of the masses through displaying their support publicly for the aspiration of Governor Babagana Umara Zulum. 

Despite some endorsement is to create an impression of a groundswell of public support against the realities at polls.  

Does Governor Zulum’s massive endorsements is an intention to make people believe that hes the right candidate and as such has the support of the endorsers and the more the endorsements, the greater the chances of winning or as a results of his tremendous achievements since assumptions to office as Governor of  Borno State.?

One would wonder if the endorsements were truly a determinant to the outcome of the elections or the vote of the majority of people who are not affiliated to any group and could Governor Zulum’s tremendous achievements favour him to win-big and get the votes of the majorities.? 

Here we will look at some tremendous achievements of Governor Zulum’s led administration from 29 May 2019 to date. 

On Education

Education is the strong building block in building a stronger and healthier community. It is therefore, one of the fundamental function of each and every Government most importantly to provide good values (Education).

Empathetically, before the coming of Governor Zulum and his Predecessor, Senator Kashim Shettima, many basic and secondary schools in Borno State had been experiencing serious problems prior to insurgency, there were lack of qualified teachers to impart an everlasting impact (knowledge) to our children in the schools and lack of instructional materials for better learning in both the urban rural areas. 

Governor Zulum since receiving the report of World Bank Recovery and Peace Biilding Assessment (RPBA) report, which put huge number of destroyed classrooms at over 5,000 as a result of insurgency which led to the disruption of schooling for over 2.2 million children as at 2015.  From that, Governor Zulum bagan to invest more towards the resuscitation of Borno State Education sector. 

Governor Zulum’s led administration since 2019-date;

Returned eleven rural schools to their original locations which were destroyed for years.

He built 24 Mega Schools; he constructed 626 classrooms across 145 Schools, and he provided 562 conveniences in 284 schools.

Paid Minimum wage of N30,000 to 5,824 teaching staff of Loccal Education Authority (L.E.A). 

Built 64 fully furnished Teacher’s Quarters in Maiduguri, Banki and Mafa Local Government Areas. 

Recruited over 800 Teachers and still advertised for more recruitment of teaching staff. 

Provided over 30,000 school furniture. 

Paid scholarship to tertiary students in Borno.

Some Education Secretaries and teachers were given brand new Peugeot 406 cars with one million naira each for their selfless services and sacrifice.

Paid one hundred thousand naira to each lecturers and other non-teaching staff of the University of Maiduguri. 

Procured 231,000 sets of 6 numbers of science textbooks for students across Senior Secondary Schools, 435,225 sets of 4 numbers of primary schools textbooks and still ordered the provision of 200,000 sets of 6 numbers of Arts and Business Studies textbooks.

Enhanced the feeding programme in all boarding schools and still introduced one meal per day to all rural day Secondary Schools while 19, 000 Primary pupils are fed with one square meal a day as well. 

Zulum’s administration through another initiative which is Adolescent Girl Child Initiative for Learning and Empowerment (AGILE) Project injected Two Billion Six Hundred and Eighteen Million, Four Hundred and Ninety Thousand, Nine Hundred Naira (216, 618, 490, 900) as large school improvement grant to 108 schools across Borno State for proper and efficient management. 

Additionally, Fourty Five Million Naira (N45,000) will be given to 9,903 vulnerable and less privileged girls for the 2022/2023 Academic Session. 

The above mentioned are few even though not all that has been achieved so far by Zulum’s led administration in the education sector. 

On Security

As the motto implies, “Home of Peace” Borno state has witnessed brutal confrontation and massive assault from the terrorists group which undoubtedly the most blood-thirsty and destructive both in terms of brutality mindless of savagery and flagrant disobedience to the principles of peace and stability.

 But it is philosophically believed that peace and conflictual are inevitable aspects of human interaction when there’s peace, the conflict is absent and when there’s conflict peace is absent. 

The agents of the first and later-human beings sometimes act and react but the patterns of actions and reactions sometimes tend to generate whether a conflictual, friendly or peaceful relationship between individuals. 

As assume office Governor Zulum’s first Agenda was nothing but restoration of peace and stability to the state which he began by developing/mapping out a strategic framework through Non Kinetic approach. Zulum’s administration first call both community, traditional and religious leaders as well as the heads of security agencies in the state to a round table to proffer a solution to the problem of insecurity bedeviling the State.

Governor Zulum’s investment in security architecture of the state absolutely paved a way to massive surrender of the Boko Haram Insurgents and the relocation of over 17th communities to their ancestral homes and as well the repatriation of the citizens from the neighboring countries of Niger, Cameroon and Tchad Republics. 

Despite the restoration of peace to the state, Governor Zulum continue to extend his hand of support to all security operatives including the Civilian Joint Task Force popularly known as yan-gora with patrol vans and other morale boosting as well as motivating prizes/awards for their dedication to duty. 

In an effort to improve the internal security in the State His Excellency Governor Zulum also increased the monthly stipend given to Borno Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) from N20,000 to N30,000. 

In a smooth synergy with security operatives Zulum paved a way for the establishment of Rapid Respond Squads (RRS) and Agro-Rangers within the CJTF and some security operatives in the state with an assigned responsibility of protecting farmers and passers along the hard to reach high ways in the State. 

Notwithstanding, Zulum continue to pay the allowances of RRS with his own pocket which through the grace of God Borno State returned to maintain its home of peace status. 

On Health Sector

Zulum’s tremendous achievements in the Health Sector cannot be over emphasized looking at how serious he’s with health of the citizenry since assumption to office. 

Governor Zulum’s suspended many Health Workers for absenteeism and all other manners sorts of manners that are uncalled for. 

Not only the suspension, he rewarded huge number of health and medical personnel for their promptness and dedication to duty and as well ordered the reconstruction and building of healthcare delivery centres in both urban and the rural areas.

He also, ordered for the immediate construction of Borno State University Teaching Hospital for proper healthcare delivery services to the people of Borno State. 

Zulum built and rehabilitated many Primary Healthcare Centers and employed many health and medical staff to meet up with demands of Borno State people especially in healthcare. 

On Humanitarian Aid and IDPs

 In his giant’s efforts Borno State Governor Zulum on coming to office, he embarked on massive distribution of food and non-food items in both IDPs camps and indeed within the state as well as other local government areas with aim of eradicating hunger and starvation in the state.

Zulum also, with immediate effects began the consultations with security operatives and community leaders in order to return all the affected communities to their various local government areas as well empower them with farms implements, food items and some cash for startup.

Zulum never until now stopped this Humanitarian Aid and kind gestures whenever he went to see any of local government he will distribute to them both food, clothing materials, cash as empowerment to small and medium business owners. 

If really hard work pays, then could electorates pay back with their votes for Governor Zuluns selfless service to the people of Borno State.?

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