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The last days of the empire

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Isah Aliyu Chiroma

Human voices are ragging our atmosphere, and the time has come for renewed hope which creates a great deal of difficulty, to accept the situation or wake up from our old dream. Our dream does not create the greatest one, sometimes it appears as an illusion and fuses away to the sky. But the time has come and the hope we keep longing for years has awoken, where do we navigate to.

The festivity is in full swing as the current administration enters its final months. Supporters and members with shining faces and renewed hope are thronging the streets, gallivanting around various states. It appears as though all the anxiety and dread from previous years has been put on hold and everyone is energized ahead of the general election. Because we are wonderful dreamers, with a tiny flame that lives within us and will never go out. A potential light of hope for a better future. What lies in store for us in the future is the true question.

There are triumphs and failures in every path, and that is what makes us human. Everything began following the general election in 2015, when we believed the vote had delivered on its promises and given us a choice. People flocked to the voting booths in large numbers to cast their ballots and make their selections during the election. The election offers that, because we believed it gives us our choices.
But attempting to deal with the present, which might hold many hopes for the future, is totally another story. Before some people will love and claim you, they must loathe, despise, and dread the leader in that person. Just as choosing that person is simple, so is claiming them. When they see you propelling, many people join your side; but, when you crash, they flee and make fun of you. Because of this aspect of human nature, we should always consider who we are interacting with in order to avoid being confined to our ignorance.

Throughout those years, and especially during the first term of this administration, the government struggled to find its bearings. Some people mistakenly believed that Nigeria is made up of just one state; however, once you are in the system, you realize that Nigeria
actually consists of 36 states, including the federal capital. In essence, I am saying that in order to fight for change in the nation, you must take a risk and be totally ready before you

We are learning to survive as those years keep vanishing into the night and back again while also running the risk of being crushed in the process. The administration’s primary battles are dealing with corruption and insecurity. Then the global epidemic struck, highlighting the citizens’ worst fear for the nation’s economy.

There must be some people who will disagree with you as you struggle to make the country a better place, especially those who are close to you. And if you continue to fight, there must be a cost involved. The administration’s operations had a key vulnerability that was quickly identified, and as a result, everything slowed down. The effort put forth at the outset started to unravel, and the government now wants a second term in power. This has led to some adjustments in the organization’s structure and operational methods.

As a result, we, as citizens, wanted to find solutions to our issues and demands that would improve our quality of life. It was a sign of how desperately weary we are from wandering and how we hope to find a place where humanity could flourish in our country. The country found itself in a situation where it was close to a battlefield, which is another disruption, and everything that might have captivated us only serves to remind us of how many lives were lost, how many were suffering, groaning, and dying, from these situation.

But each time an election is held, we are compelled by a glimmer of hope to cast our votes in large numbers. We have supposedly heard enough from them at this point. Therefore it is up to us to take control of our destiny by casting votes. Vote for those who can meet our needs rather than just treating theirs, those who can serve the people and make the country a better

The time has come when we no longer need to keep lying to ourselves and pretending that we wish to change the course of our own lives. To look for an extrajudicial solution to the situation we were in, choosing the ideal candidate to save our beloved country is the sole obligation that remains for the time being.

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